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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Can the Bushit Get Any Thicker? G. Dubya and Iraqi Women Detainees...

Kidnapped reporter Jill Carroll is still alive- according to a new video of her released yesterday to Al-Jazeera. That is good news. Sometimes I wonder if the position Bush and Blair have taken towards these kidnappings aren't politically motivated. I mean, after all, allowing "insurgents" to chop of the head, particularly the head of a woman, would help to further emphasize what Bush has been trying to convince you of all along- that "insurgents", "terrorists" or whatever we are calling people who oppose Dubya's foreign policy measures, are not human, but rather barbarians invading our otherwise "civil" society..

Civilians are being made pawns in the game of war and I am not just referring to the "insurgency" or "terrorist" kidnappings. The United States is kidnapping Iraqi women who are guilty of nothing but marriage to a possible, and I repeat, possible Iraqi insurgent. Maybe "suspected" is a better word than "possible", I don't know to be honest. See the problem with this debate, and many other debates we have here domestically in the U.S. is the terminology we employ and utilize. I mean with phrases like "terrorist" and "axis of evil", the debate doesn't have a chance to get started because we have already these value-laden terms conjuring up images that distort reality.

Ughhhh! I am going back to read Angry Black Bitch's words of wisdom for today! This is precisely why my blog has yet to take off- every time I try to get my own opinions down, I get frustrated, pissed off and my attention goes in five million other directions! In the meantime, here is the article that got me going today:

And here are some follow up articles on my earlier posting referencing the Haiti and G. Dubya issue:


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