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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ahhhh.. the Other State of the Union or America's Most Wanted

Dubya delivered last night. You think I stayed up and watched? Yeah right! The baby was asleep. I set my DVR and printed out the transcripts today. Funny how transcripts differ depending on the source. I never know which news source to trust, or more appropriately, have more confidence in then say, FOX or MSNBC...Not to mention the White House has it's own media machine that spins everything from breaking the law to uhhh, well, breaking the law... I will analyze and bring my thoughts back later in the day...

So they arrested Cindy Sheehan, huh? Funny how they turn on their own so quickly, I mean, after all, Cindy Sheehan voted for Bush, not to mention she is a white woman! I am getting lazy in this blogging blog world and wanting to read others posts to inspire me to action.. Like my sista in the cause, ABB (You can read her here I would like to go off on a tirade about how un-American it was to arrest her, but then I would be sounding like Dubya.. I would also like to go off about how elitist it is to have her, not only removed, but arrested, still my head hurts just thinking about it.. More later...

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